CASA Conversations

Experience Meets Compassion: Marion Brady, CASA Volunteer of the Month

Marion Brady has always been committed to volunteer service; giving back was instilled in her at a young age by her parents. However, as a self-professed “shy person,” speaking up and asserting herself while working on her CASA case was a challenge at first.

Now, with eight years of experience under her belt, Marion speaks confidently about how she approaches issues on her current and recent cases. As soon as she realizes a child is struggling in school, for example, she doesn’t hesitate to contact the child’s teachers and school special education team. She enjoys connecting with professionals who are equally committed to a child’s success, and appreciates the satisfaction of seeing people come together for the sake of a child.

Marion grew up in Baltimore and then earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Harvard and the University of Toronto. Years later, Marion was a copy editor at a busy type-setting house, where she proofread French and Spanish translations for a variety of professional publications. Retirement was on the horizon when a friend mentioned that she was volunteering at CASA of Essex County, and shared with Marion that she’d be good at the CASA role. Marion channeled her love of children into training at the then-brand new Passaic County CASA and was sworn in in February 2010.

Since then, Marion has served on nine cases until completion. Her most recent case closed this past April, when a girl she was advocating for was adopted. Adoption days are always happy occasions, and this one was no exception. The joy of seeing a family officially come together is something Marion can personally attest to, as she adopted her own son through the NJ state system 46 years ago.

On her cases, Marion worked closely with the foster parents. She cites a deep appreciation for the challenges foster parents face when caring for their children. Between doctor appointments, therapists, school meetings, and all the other services a child might require, the demands these parents face can be significant. Thankfully, Marion is able to bring her considerable experience and compassion to each and every family, all with the end goal of protecting and promoting the best interest of children.