CASA Conversations

Meet the CASA Staff: Ten Questions for Pam Saunders


Name: Pam Saunders
Title: Office And Financial Coordinator
CASA Employee Since: October 2016

1) What did you do before you worked at CASA?
I was a Paralegal and Office Manager for an environmental law firm in Parsippany.

2) Describe your job in five words.
Jack of all trades (plus!)

3) Can you describe what a typical day looks like for you?
I come in, I feed my fish, I count the money, I pay the bills, I work on events. I work on grants and maintain budgets. I make sure kids have what they need and that the office runs smoothly. I take out the trash. I do it all.

 4) What is the best part about working for CASA?
The staff.

5) What is the craziest/most unusual thing you’ve done in the name of serving children in foster care?
I once protected the office from an aggressive and unhappy goose.

6) When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A florist. It is a happy, crafty job.

7) What is your go-to comfort food?
Cheese. All kinds.

8) What personality trait has gotten you in the most trouble?
My sarcasm.

9) What celebrity have people said you resemble or remind them of?

10) If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you bring?
A solar powered air conditioner, a lifetime supply of unsweetened iced tea, and an alpaca. The alpaca is for company, warmth, transportation, and food if things got dire enough.