Children in foster care with a CASA volunteer:
-Are less likely to be in long term foster care
-Are more likely to receive appropriate services
-Are less likely to re-enter foster care
-Are less likely to be re-abused

than children without a CASA volunteer

What do CASA volunteers do to benefit children in foster care?

  • Gather Information: Review documents and records, interview the children, family members and professionals in their lives.

  • Court Reports: Provide written reports to the court in preparation for all court proceedings.

  • Attend Court: Advocate for the child’s best interests “Be the Safety Net”.

  • Recommend Services: Ensure that the children are receiving appropriate services

  • Monitor Case Plans and Court Orders: Assist the Court by reporting any deviation from what the court has ordered for the life of the case.

  • Visit with the Child: maintain a consistent and regular visiting schedule with the child, minimum of once per month.

Over 300 children in Passaic County are in need of a CASA volunteer. You can help us ensure they have a voice while in foster care. 

Learn more about becoming a CASA Volunteer by providing your info below or click here to watch a video about the need for  CASA's. 

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